Scaffold for slab and beam support

H-frame with u-head and base jack: support work for two story residential 

Note: for multistory construction consider the beam weight, slab weight, dead load of form material, construction live load,

Advantages of steel scaffolding frame

1. Save cost for labor and materials
2. A two frame section will stand without additional support.
3. Adjustable u-head will permit easy and fast adjustment to the desired height.
4. The base jack on the bottom legs will compensate for uneven floor conditions.
5. It provides better safety for workers.
6. It can be used for purposes other than shoring formwork.
Source:  Formwork for Concrete Structures, R. Peurifoy

Shoring jack support work for residential projects



Advantages of shoring jack

1. Replace timber props in construction as they are easy to assemble

* Extend tube to required height.
* Set pin through hole of inner tube (10mm dia rebar).
* Obtain exact height by sliding screw position for adjustment.

2. Economical to use
* Shoring jack take more weight than timber props.
* They can be placed up to 2m apart depending on circumstances.

3. Time Saving
* Fewer props means less labor involved.
* Ease of assembling also saves time.

Source:  Formwork for Concrete Structures, R. Peurifoy

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