Plastic Formwork SALE

What is Plasform Panel?

Plasform Panel is engineered plastic made from Polypropylene.

Polypropylene is one of the lightest of all thermoplastic. It has high softening temperature, high flexural fatigue resistance and good resistance to wear and abrasion.

Panels are very durable and can withstand  the rigours of normal site use. The actual life depends on site treatment but more than 100 uses can be expected.

Polypropylene has a uniform smooth surface which in turn produce smooth concrete finish.

Source:  Formwork: A Guide to Good Practice 2nd Edition Concrete Society and Institution of Structural Engineers

Our plastic formwork (Plasform) technology is a “do-it-yourself” system.

It is re-usable up to 100 times, making it much more cost-efficient than the traditional phenolic board (plywood).

In the Philippines, several contractors have tested and continue to use the Plasform. They can vouch for the material’s strength (NOT brittle) as it also DOES NOT WARP even under long exposure to the sun.

Plywood sheathing and coco lumber support are things of the past! Stay ahead of the game with the re-usable formwork system—the latest in technology.