Scaffold Support

H-frame Scaffold

Scaffold Shoring

Advantages of steel scaffolding frame

  • Save cost for labor and materials
  • A two frame section will stand without additional support.
  • Adjustable u-head will permit easy and fast adjustment to the desired height.
  • The base jack on the bottom legs will compensate for uneven floor conditions.
  • It provides better safety for workers.
  • It can be used for purposes other than shoring formwork.

Source: Formwork for Concrete Structures, R. Peurifoy


Shoring Jack












Advantages of shoring jack

  1. Replace timber props in construction as they are easy to assemble
  • Extend tube to required height.
  • Set pin through hole of inner tube (10mm dia rebar).
  • Obtain exact height by sliding screw position for adjustment.
  1. Economical to use
  • Shoring jack take more weight than timber props.
  • They can be placed up to 2m apart depending on circumstances.
  1. Time Saving
  • Fewer props means less labor involved.
  • Ease of assembling also saves time.

Source: Formwork for Concrete Structures, R. Peurifoy



ROUGH ESTIMATE (Residential Construction)


Set of Scaffold = Slab Area / 4.66

= 18 SQM / 4.66

= 4 sets scaffold   (H:1700mm)


Pcs of U-head  = Set of Scaffold * 4

= 4 sets scaffold * 4

= 16 pcs u-head   (H:1500mm)


Pcs of Base Jack  = Set of Scaffold * 4

= 4 sets scaffold * 4

= 16 pcs base jack   (H:400mm)


At least 2 set scaffold (with u-head & base jack) per beam length under 6m

At least 3 set shoring jack per beam length under 6m

Note: for multistory construction consider the beam weight, slab weight, dead load of form material, construction live load, etc.










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